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Our commitment

Babber Sustainable Development Goals

Beyond our business work, our main objective is to add value for people and our environment.

We work toward improving global animal health, especially in those animals involved in the well-being of people, such as pets and those intended for the production of safe, healthy food.

We are firm believers in our commitment to society, working for the well-being of vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and people with different abilities. 

We work to achieve a sustainable balance between economic performance, the well-being of society and environmental conservation. Within this framework, we develop our business operations in three areas: employees, social action and the environment, as part of fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Our employees

We promote professional development, based on equal opportunities and work-life balance.

Our priority is to offer a suitable work environment for our employees to grow professionally while promoting optimal work-life balance. This is why we work hard to achieve a climate where they can grow and establish long-term relationships based on trust, and we develop measures that ensure their well-being, health and safety are met. All our actions as a company and those of our partners are governed by a Code of Ethics whose objective is to establish the guidelines that must govern our behaviour in the relationships we maintain with all our stakeholders.

Social Action

We prioritise proximity and support the communities in which we operate. We collaborate with different NGOs, public institutions and non-profit associations. We also participate incorporate volunteering actions, carried out by our own employees.


We are committed to environmental protection as we develop our business operations, as well as to pollution prevention through efficient use of resources, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the improvement of environmental aspects of the life cycle of products, promoting the criteria of a circular economy.

We have an HSE Goals and Objectives Programme whose objective is to define a strategy towards continuous environmental improvement. In that regard, we record our energy efficiency, develop projects to reduce water consumption, and optimise resources. We also evaluate the use of recyclable materials in the packaging phase of our product design strategy.

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You can consult our Annual Report and Non-Financial Information Statements (NFIS) on the website of the Indukern Group, the business group to which Calier belongs