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09 Jun 2021

How to combat varroa in bees: know your enemy

Varroa, or Varroa destructor, is a parasitic mite that infests beehives. It originates from Java, but is now established almost everywhere in the world, except for a few islands. It is the biggest
31 May 2021

Leishmaniasis transmission in dogs

How your faithful pet can contract leishmaniasis Leishmaniasis is a serious infectious disease that can be fatal to dogs. It is transmitted through the bite of a certain type of mosquito and, as well
17 May 2021

PRRS disease in pigs, what a problem!

Little did we know back in the 1980s that PRRS (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome), the "mystery swine" disease, would be the one to cause the greatest problems and losses in pig
09 Apr 2021

Salmonella in poultry, our perspective

Salmonella continues to be one of the bacteria that generates the greatest concern for the poultry sector. Not only because domestic poultry are carriers and vectors of Zoonotic Salmonella that cause
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