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01 Jul 2021

Varroa, critical moments of action

In a beekeeping season , the annual progression of varroa in a hive will depend on the number of months that brood is present. Each month, the amount of varroa will double, or triple if there are
23 Jun 2021

Keys to preventing leishmaniasis

The main strategies for the prevention of canine leishmaniasis are to avoid the bite of the sand fly, the vector of this serious disease. To protect your pet, it is essential to know your dog's risk
22 Jun 2021

Consequences of PRRS disease in pigs

If we are sure of one thing about the PRRS disease (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome), it is that what we know about immunity to the PRRS virus sometimes throws up more questions and
21 Jun 2021

Salmonella prevalence in Europe

The two most common zoonotic diseases around the world are campylobacteriosis and salmonellosis, in that order. Salmonella is a bacteria that can cause serious gastrointestinal disease in human beings
31 May 2021

Leishmaniasis transmission in dogs

How your faithful pet can contract leishmaniasis Leishmaniasis is a serious infectious disease that can be fatal to dogs. It is transmitted through the bite of a certain type of mosquito and, as well