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Salud Animal Portada
21 Jun 2023

Added value products for animal health

At Calier, we have been looking out for animal health for over 50 years. Our commitment to quality and to providing the very best possible service to our clients has led us to specialise in the
Colmena Abejas
04 Jan 2023

Beekeping feeding: what are the trends?

The worldwide agricultural trend is towards large monoculture farms, which reduce plant biodiversity and constitute a single source of nectar and pollen for bees. Furthermore, this type of agriculture
08 Oct 2021

Apiary viruses

Viruses are the smallest living beings. They are made up of a single genetic material protected by a coating. They survive by entering the cells of other organisms and replacing their genetic material
01 Jul 2021

Varroa, critical moments of action

In a beekeeping season , the annual progression of varroa in a hive will depend on the number of months that brood is present. Each month, the amount of varroa will double, or triple if there are