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Canine leishmaniasis in Spain

Canine leishmaniasis in Spain

Leishmaniasis is endemic in Spain.

The highest risk is in the Mediterranean areas.

The sandfly (transmitter) prefers hot climates.

The risk is lower in the north of Spain, although local, non-travel-related cases have been detected.

Do you live in a high-risk area?

Provincias de mayor riesgo:
Balearic islands
Have the highest seroprevalenc.
Huelva, Cádiz, Málaga, Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada.
Valencia Region
Valencia and Alicante
Murcia Region

Girona and LLeida
Did you know the Canary Islands is the only low-risk area for canine leishmaniasis?

What can you do to protect your dog?

  • Use repellents (such as anti-flea collars) to prevent sandfly bites.
  • Ask your vet if vaccination is indicated for your pet.

Prevention according to your

  • Use a repellent collar all year round and vaccinate your pet.
  • Use a repellent collar all year round and consider vaccinating your pet.
  • Use a repellent collar over the months the sandfly is most active (May-October) and spot-on pipettes if you travel to higher risk areas.
  • Use spot-on pipettes if you are travelling to high- or very high-risk areas.

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